Coffee Date with Samantha Mathis

After meeting several months ago, Samantha Mathis and I sat down over coffee at French Roast, to muse about acting. She’s been in the business for over twenty-three years, and with a hefty filmography, I was undoubtedly all ears.

Though in films prior, the first time I became familiar with her was in my long time favorite, Little Women (1994). Her character Amy March played opposite a stellar cast, memorably stealing the heart of Laurie (Christian Bale) who was her sister Jo’s (Winona Ryder) former intrigue. Years later, Samantha has built a solid career acting and now producing.

With charming sarcasm and an affable laugh, she spared little detail divulging the evolution of the entertainment industry, what is being sought after now, and the wisest route to take. While discussing my path of screenwriting she encouraged me to further my interest in acting which I had ambivalently shelved, saying that with what she saw in me, I had half the battle covered. She gave the number of a woman she studied under a couple years ago and also recommended that I step out of my comfort zone- drama- and look into joining the Upright Citizens Brigade- comedy. Nothing is more frightening.

In telling her about my current sofa drifting, she smiled, suggesting I use this period of transition in my writing and enjoy the comedy. Amen, and cheers Samantha Mathis!

Tip #3- Pursue every last one of your aspirations.

The view outside of the first stop, my friends apt in Williamsburg, on S3rd. Wonderful.