Florence, Love, & Pride

The weekend was full, beginning with a Florence and the Machine concert at Central Park SummerStage. I’ve been a consistent follower after a friend once let me plug my ipod into her computer, and recommended I take all of Florence. It was comfortable weather for the show and though crowded, her fans were peaceful enough to exit your position, grab a drink, then work your way back through the mass (we had an awesome spot). Her entrance on stage was met with applause, and quickly fell to a hush- a congregation of ready admirers. Draped in a sheer emerald dress that blew mesmerizingly around her, her voice was strong and clear. Notes undisturbed even when she playfully skipped around the stage. At one point she released a sudden gyration, that seemingly permitted the lustful stares, making you think she was in fact aware of her ethereal sexiness. I was entranced for the majority of the show, verily feeling I was witnessing some sort of demigoddess in action. The woman that stood next to me sighed half the time, saying that in her next life she’d be a rock star.

Post show, Central Park at night

We made our way to a restaurant, 8 of us round a table, simultaneously receiving text messages and news alerts that gay marriage had passed in New York. A friend decided to make an announcement to the restaurant, almost getting us booted out, but once the situation was pacified we toasted with tequila.