Artistic Pow Wow

Met with my friend L for our occasional artistic pow wow, which translates to my concocted cocktails, Driggs Pizza, drawing, jewelry making, and horror films. Chatroom, caught my attention because it’s by Hideo Nakata, the same director as The Ring and Dark Water. About a demented boy that tries to coax a new group of ‘friends’ in a chatroom to commit suicide. I was curious about the premise, and intrigued by the literal visualizations of themed meeting rooms. But it became all too disturbing, and for me, that’s saying something. (I do not recommend.) Then Jennifer’s Body, written by Dioblo Cody, (Juno) about a cannibalistic witch played by Megan Fox (I sadly recommend. Great one liners, and foxy Fox feasting.)

Tequila, Ginger Mash, fresh OJ, splash of apple juice