Let’s talk about Emilio Pucci

Ok kids lets discuss Emilio Pucci. Easily one of my favorites, and apparently Marilyn Monroe’s (she was buried in one of his dresses) the collection reminds me of a muti-colored gem encrusted cocktail ring I once saw in a vintage shop. It’s like a treasure trove of half sybaritic, half retro-bohemian gold tokens. Emilio Pucci, a Florentine sportsman and captain in the Italian Air Force, began his fashion career designing ski wear then swimsuits in 1949. From there he took the brightly hued, eye-catching patterns of his scarves to another level- creating blouses and a line of wrinkle free silk dresses. After his death in 1992, the business was passed to his daughter Laudomia and in 2008 the great Peter Dundas claimed title as artistic director. I melt over the way that Dundas has taken the same feeling of liberation in variegated design and allowed a deeper darkness and glamour to coalesce. Pucci calls for a certain type of woman, that can wear the collection as a a reflection of their inner electricity and as an extension of themselves. It’s hot ladies and gents, it is scorching.

Below I’ve selected just some of my picks over the past several seasons. Note that my selections do not fully attest to the color generosity of the collection, but alas I tend to draw near to a bold yet stable palette for personal choices.