Carsten Höller: Experience

Carsten Höller: Experience at the New Museum. A scientist as well as artist, Höller creates from a desire to rouse our physical and psychological senses and alter perceptions of time and space. The zoo, playground, carnival- all rethought to change the commonplace experience.  There was a Giant Psycho Tank which allowed visitors to float weightlessly (nude) in a sensory deprivation tank. I wanted to go in but didn’t because a. there was a wait with 10 min allowance per person b. how much chlorine could actually annihilate the germs of hundreds of guests c. didn’t want curly hair. The Slide was somewhat bruise inducing and came with certain stipulations- anyone with claustrophobia, anxiety, mental health issues need not ride. I did anyway. Other than that it was a rather unique experience. I recommend.