Museum of Sex

As liberal as I am, The Museum of Sex somehow brought out my square tendencies- which is a great sign. I blushed, took double takes, and it piqued my curiosity more than predicted. There are several titillating exhibitions, from Action: Sex and the Moving Image, Comics Stripped, to Sex Lives of Animals, etc. Obscene Diary is an extensive documentation of Samuel Steward, a professor and tattoo artist that journaled and filed all of his sexual pleasure trips, blow-by-blow. In a time when it was parlous to pursue homosexual propositions, and musings. When you enter the museum, you’re greeted by the gift shop with a potpourri of literature, play things, breath mints, and other tokens for an anomalistic housewarming gift. I bought a pencil with the word ‘obscene’ in silver lettering. (I’m out there right.) And it gets better- downstairs there is OralFix Aphrodisiac Cafe. My ‘potion’ was the Frida Calor cocktail with mezcal, tamarind, white cocoa, and Combier. The alleged effect: seduction and devotion. Also sampled a bonny chai/chocolate truffle. My photos are pretty PG-13, check out the rest for yourself.