Dinner with the Kings

Watched CNN Presents: A Larry King Special: Dinner with the Kings. 

You know, just your average get together with Wolfgang Puck as chef.

Jack Dorsey, (software engineer and creator of Twitter)

Conan O’Brien (late night talk show host)

Tyra Banks (model, media personality, businesswoman)

Quincy Jones (record producer, musician)

Shaquille O’Neal (professional basketball player)

Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy)

Russell Brand (comedian, radio/television presenter)

& Larry King + his wife Shawn Southwick King as hosts


I have this theory that every person has something insanely special going for them and perhaps have yet, and may never tap into their buried or suppressed ‘genius’. My mother instilled the ideology that I could do anything and everything that I set my mind to. Not with entitlement as a catalyst or ever means to sit stagnant, but because without the hunger to explore personal likes and abilities our society would be based solely on a need to survive and boring to say the least. Even recreational interests can lead to vast angles and opportunities of limitless pursuits. Most importantly, to make an impact and help in the areas our environment is deteriorating, and where peeps and creatures are calling for attention and new ideas to aid a multitude of concerns.

I thoroughly delighted in watching a group of individuals that found their niche. So diverse in interest, talent and age- discussing things from success, friendships, insecurities, aging, what makes them laugh, family and so on. This was a meeting of the minds that had me chuckling at their antics and thinking deeply about personal answers to what I find most important in life. It was inspiring, and I find that to be the greatest gift. I look forward to the next dinner. Found a recording on YouTube- not uber quality, but worth watching.