I always find it amusing when I chug a cup of coffee (because it’s either that or carrying the same brew around the majority of the day- no matter the cool down) and I become so caffeinated I regret being in public settings. I can’t lift a fry to my face without my hand shaking and my order takes on an incontrollable stutter. Today felt completely dissimilar from usual. The closest description would be sleep walking. It’s as if there was some sort of shift- where for better or worse isn’t the determinant, it just is. My favorite burger was incongruous, unfamiliar. Most demonstrative, I opted for some random beer than my cherished frozen margarita. (As my friends have deduced, I graced my favorite lower east side Pianos.) The music is always blusterous and yet today it was mere background soundtrack to torquing thoughts. I did however overhear two people on a second date, a man attempting to coax a woman to have a drink and requesting the bartender please remove his accumulating glasses because it was making him look like a drunk. He told her they could go back and cuddle and he wouldn’t touch (who is this dude?) He also asked her “why make a man feel they are going for route 1 when they really may be approaching route 2?” That “that would be the catalyst for an assuming relationship from the get-go”. I could see her reactions from the bar mirror and she was wincing. She ordered a drink. He spoke of being an excellent future father (good god he’s already speaking of procreation?!) She choked on her martini.

Anywho, I bought a swatch. Red, plastic. I thought it was time to refer to a device meant solely for tracking time than using my phone. It’s fascinating to watch the black tiny hand stop at each second. There is a momentary reaction  of ‘wait!’ and then you realize it won’t whether you want it to or not. And that it’s a visible countdown- an audible ticking that tracks life. I was ready to take it off when I also realized that its awesome to think it will be doing the same consistent action on or off my wrist for two years till I need to change the battery at the Swatch store for 8 bucks. Time holds commingling concepts that for me usually conflict. But Im happy to now have this underrated contraption. The chick in the bar was probably monitoring the time remaining for her date, while I am anticipating my visit with family in India on the 24th. All the rambling to say life takes on strange sentiments and while time is funky it is malleable in the way you use it.