Arriving in INDIA

After years of anticipating an inevitable but unscheduled visit to India to meet my fathers side, my amazing sister and explore, it happened. It was surreal. My original goal was to keep a log here day by day, and share events as they occurred, but something about this visit was sacred and I needed to first wrap my head around the fact that I was finally there. It’s strange for me to write about my experience which is surprising, but I’ll do my best. I think I’ll primarily go the route of photo journal/sentimental exhibition of my love of India and my family because this challenges my words. I’ve become one of those people that return from a place and can’t stop thinking about it. But it’s India after all and part of me. So heads up, this blog of mine will be India India in the next coming days.

My flight to Abu Dhabi was 13 hours, where I had a stopover before the flight to Mumbai. The little sleep I had was due to a dose of Benadryl and wine- and despite reminders to purchase a neck pillow I forgot. Note: they are imperative. I sat next to a young man from the city, returning to visit family from his residency at a hospital in New York. He teased that I may not see the ‘real’ India, while I jokingly ridiculed him for not having the ‘time’ to explore New York. I assured him that I was not the average tourist and that my desire was for my family to show me things no doubt through the eyes of a visitor, but with local knowledge.

It was planned that my father was to pick me up from the airport, but while grabbing my suitcases I received a text that he was so sorry but had to go to Calcutta for work, and would be with me the next day. Admittedly I was disappointed, but anxious to have rest. Baggage in cart, I proceeded to look for a sign with my name. Lo and behold, it was a hoax. My father smiled at me through the glass and I do believe I ran a bit to meet him on the other side. When we reached his home he showed me the ropes and I slept at 6am.

My step mother Sonal woke me at 11am. I had forgotten where I was. She stood over the bed, long black hair, vampiric teeth, a metallic glaze on her piercing eyes. We had coffee and spoke about our signs and our love of painting. That day I went to a film meeting with my father and in the evening finally met my sister for the very first time. She’s awesome- I felt an indescribable love, so new to me… the sibling bond makes sense to me now. She’s 14, full of life and hilarious. I think we were both relieved that we clicked immediately.