I began this blog because I was on the hunt for another apartment and would be ‘sofa meandering’ till the right one came. I found one- not necessarily my castle in the West Village, though rather high by my legs standards (5 flights up). It works for its purpose- to house my random shit, create random projects, drink my booze, and ruminate over life in this city. New York is somethin’ else, you blend as easily as you can acceptably stand out. You can feel rich by $1 oyster happy hours, and feel poor when you think twice to tip on coffee (though freely at the bar). I spend a great deal of time thinking, and planning how not to get caught in the motions, remember everything I’m shooting for, and to still be cognizant of the smaller things. My thoughts are similar to the little sidewalk light show in the video below: bouncing off another, only to return again, then fly off. I happily, yet embarrassingly, finally caught a tick that I had hoped wasn’t visible, while under stress- a twitch under my lip. I actually love watching it, a reminder that I am alive and that my formidable New York hasn’t sucked the feeling out of me. Thats a joke.

If every New Yorker knew how to make fun of their tension there would be less of it…