Is what it is.

Today is one of those reflective days (alright more than the others)

I feel as if I let this little blog-o-mine sit on its own. I was asked by someone that was close to me if it was a ‘vanity project’. That slowed a bit of momentum and had me asking myself, is this a platform for me to sport aspects of who I am? And I believe I’m realizing that yes, it is and that’s an alright thing to have- It’s a place for my photos, thoughts, findings, & adventures. And an internal & external vision of myself that evolves by day. I’m going to challenge myself to be the optimal version of who I am. Or something close to that.

p l a n :

work on portraits

learn to cook something that takes longer than 10 minutes

play something on the guitar (considering I’m shooting for Hendrix that may be a while)

as a new bartender learn how to actually give a shit about the percolating presecco words of patrons

sing something cool – though I’m not remotely a singer

choreograph again

draw regularly

write more stories

create more videos

 take fuller advantage of this city

&other things once I think of them.

If you see something in this that reminds you of yourself, you are welcome to join my vanity project.