An encounter with Brooke Shields, the hurricane

 Today I walked passed Brooke Shields, stopped & said hello-

I knew that I had to, I honestly couldn’t stop it.

She looked up, said hello in return, and removed her glasses reluctantly.

Her eyes were red, sad, and she was crying.

I asked if she was alright, and she paused, said yes, then no.

She replied that she just found out her mother had died.

I didn’t think, or pause, I gave her a hug, and she gave me a strong, weighted embrace back.

She said that she had originally seen me walking by, &

It is in those moments where a stranger isn’t a stranger. They ironically are a form of comfort.

With the aftermath of the damn hurricane, New Yorkers will be doing the same.

I’m reading, writing, drawing, watching the news, with friends.