The Girls Got It

I admire Rihanna. Very much. Because she makes me feel good. My personal, musical chick to be extolled. An intoxicating blend of swank, beauty, strength, intelligence, talent, smoky whiskey & honey. She’s a bad, bad siren. We’ve watched her grow & now at age 24, she’s made way in a phenomenal fashion. Her music brings together unabashed lyrics with intrepidity, tenderness, outright seduction, rhythm and everything that counts for a perpetual eruption of bodily motor response. What would we do without her to move to. And her mix of styling is marvelous. Incomparable chills (apart from Sade). I guess she brings about the ‘f-word’- utter fan. She gets away with a lot with ease. You can hear a maturity in her voice in the video below, smoothness. & obviously bought her new album. MoniqueSignature