Movie 43?

Movie 43movie-43-

(Contains no real spoilers. I think.)

I’ll write about it while fresh to memory.

Though after a series of crude shorts I feel quite filthy.

I’m not certain whether my thoughts linger with the preview catch phrase “once you’ve seen it, you cant unsee it”, or that such an all star cast with great producers made this. OR a variable could be that I am square..? No, that’s most definitely not it .. That I am not in the now..? That my 24 years come with a different type of humor, opposite Dennis Quiad’s? No, the film sports all ages. Am I a brooding, stiff, horror/drama film loving want-to-be screenwriter of any genre but comedy? I suppose..? But no-

I respect comedy, often above all others. It’s difficult. His Girl Friday. Bringing Up Baby. And yes, I laughed when we got full frontal baby birth in Knocked Up. A back waxed Steve Carrell etc. Comedy isn’t my personal arena but I know how to have a chuckle. Perfect therapy.

Movie 43 had me once Kate Winslet graced the preview. She had me raising an eyebrow whilst dining with a ball necked man (if you choose to watch, you will see I’m quite literal.) Though not as much at him, but her- Why, Kate, why? My sentiment was met ironically on screen where a joke was made re Winslet being in the movie like this, and how it would never happen. Which, only served to make me pause, sigh, and say ok, we (movie crew and my cereal) are in this together and I am not lame or void of comedic savvy. Still, eyes veered while bodily functions were called to order by a girlfriend, and leprechauns vs frat fools bloodied it out.

A flick packed with popular crowd pleasing talents. Really, and truly. Quaid, Kinnear, Winslet & my other beauties and funny ladies Halle, Naomi Watts, Uma Thurman, Kate Bosworth & Emma Stone. Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Seth MacFarlane, Richard Gere etc- Check IMDB- The cast list took about 5 scrolls & I have a Mac 15″. My beef is that each film skit seemed to go blue- As if it were a requirement for the individual writers, (Elizabeth Wright Shapiro, Rocky Russo, Will Graham, Bob Odenkirk and more) to create a scene as whack and vulgar as you can. For my own sake, I’ll repeat that I’m not a prude and as I lay this out, with the array of names, it brings me full circle to questioning, “why was I so confused with my own sense of buffoonery?” I just think it was a little too much.

Laughable moments: Stone convincingly enjoying mutual allure with a grocery boy, Watts with husband (Schreiber) homeschooling in unethical ways and my favorite out of the lot, Chloe Moretz with her first period unfortunately in the presence of boys in panic. And, when it comes down to it, I also wrote a short story (dark comedy in retrospect) about a cat infatuated with its owner, so I’m taking it I’m on the write path. ha ha.

What I know is that had it been a no name cast I would’ve pressed cancel. But, I love checking in with my actors all at once. I’ll lay down and let them make me question what’s funny. For a moment.

Comedy is intimidating. Subjective, idiosyncratic. A genre tackled here by producer and co-director Peter Farrelly and what arose was enough to have me reacting slightly positively, with some disgust, and unconformably. So Movie 43, with its blue jokes won in a way. Because of reaction- the aim and inevitable beauty of post film, called for from audiences. MoniqueSignature