Artistic Pow Wow

Met with my friend L for our occasional artistic pow wow, which translates to my concocted cocktails, Driggs Pizza, drawing, jewelry making, and horror films. Chatroom, caught my attention because it’s by Hideo… Continue reading

Le Bain

I feel like it would almost make me cooler to say that I wasn’t into Le Bain, that I much prefer the charm of my favorite Williamsburg spots to the instantaneous feeling of… Continue reading

Fuerza Bruta

Went to Fuerza Bruta, an awesome performance. Lights, water, movement, colors, touch, and music. I recommend.

Day off in LES

I wandered through the Lower East Side, buying chocolate at Economy Candy on Rivington, and nibbling with very good coffee at D’Espresso on Stanton. Did a bit of vintage shopping, dress + belt… Continue reading

Balmain & Constellations

Astronomer Alex Cherney took home the prize from the STARMUS astrophotography competition for this time-lapse video on the Southern Ocean Coast in Australia. 1.5 years of work. Balmain RTW Fall 2011 Kindred System,… Continue reading

Stalking the Palazzo Chupi

As I was running a few work errands, I came across the Palazzo Chupi on 360 W. 11th. While some critics find it a testament to architect Julian Schnabel’s selfdom, I neck craned for… Continue reading

Independence Day

Celebrated the 4th of July barbecuing with friends and enjoying the view from a brooklyn rooftop for fireworks.

Transparent Airplanes 2050

Airbus foresees/has high hopes for flying high in transparent planes by 2050! Doo.Ri RTW 2011 Kenneth Nelson – Rainbow Arch – 2001 – aluminum & stainless steel

Megafires | Paul Smith | Mark Twain | Sue de Beer

The by-product of drought and human error, extreme fires are rampant in Arizona, threatening the safety of plants and animals in the Mountainside Ponderosa forests. In the last century, people have attempted to… Continue reading

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