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The Girls Got It

I admire Rihanna. Very much. Because she makes me feel good. My personal, musical chick to be extolled. An intoxicating blend of swank, beauty, strength, intelligence, talent, smoky whiskey & honey. She’s a… Continue reading

Rihanna – Diamonds

Beauty & Stimulus II


I’ve had a lingering curiosity about piercing my septum, and I’m incredibly surprised I actually executed- Whether I keep it for a week, a month- it felt good to make a change other than… Continue reading

Beauty & Stimulus I

a poem about the hurricane

SANDY When there is a marking in time, that comes forward, relentless it’s watched with a period, a dash  a horrific pause removing the groove, and allowing for an overall pardoned grasp at… Continue reading

An encounter with Brooke Shields, the hurricane

 Today I walked passed Brooke Shields, stopped & said hello- I knew that I had to, I honestly couldn’t stop it. She looked up, said hello in return, and removed her glasses reluctantly.… Continue reading

Sweaters for NU

Mixed music, video, styling by me. Best to listen to on headphones …

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